Visual World is a Strategic Business Execution Platform

The software that runs your business is critical. Its limitations and restrictions become the limits and restrictions placed on your business and your ability to execute with operating margin at stake.

Choosing the right platform for your business can be a daunting task for the non-technology professional. Industry wisdom says that you have to “get it right” and make sure you have the right features from the get-go, otherwise you are stuck. That thinking is applicable to accounting packages and general consumer goods systems, but not Visual World.

The Visual World platform, underneath the Wine & Spirits application, has been designed to be changed. Why does this matter? Because business conditions change. New opportunities are presented, dynamics in market change, and with the release of smartphones, Consumers have more technological power in their hands than was in the Space Shuttle.

The continued rate of acceleration of technology into the hands of consumers will radically change their expectations driving pressure onto the 3-tier system to meet those expectations. How will the Apple Watch change real time couponing using location aware technology as their arm moves across the counter top of a bar? Will consumers expect to have tailored offers delivered to them in real-time based on their preference of wine vareital or preference for an organic based vodka? What will on and off premise accounts be required to do to meet those needs? How will you have to support them in doing so? If you don’t will your suppliers go to someone who can?

Software is no longer a “tactical” choice like a commodity. A software purchase is not like the purchase of a forklift – Forklifts essentially perform the same task, so the buying decision is focused on a different ROI perspective. Software doesn’t perform tasks for your business, like a forklift forking a pallet into a rack. Software deeply integrates both directions in your supply chain. Software allows you to execute to pursue new market opportunities. Software creates margin by reducing unnecessary staff effort. Software is your business and the choice you make is now strategic.

Don’t pour concrete into your business

Choosing a solution that is limited will place limits on your business – It is like pouring concrete into your business operations. Visual World doesn’t do this to you. Visual World is an extensible business platform that can easily be changed, in some cases by your staff, to meet your needs and not the needs of common denominator. We don’t force “my way or the highway” ideas on to you. You are in control.

Visual World compared to “Accounting Packages”

Accounting packages were built early in the development of software applications for businesses, and utilized the processing capabilities of the computer to automate calculation heavy practices – accounting activities. Over time, additional components were added to extend the accounting function into other areas of the business: purchasing, inventory control, customer management, etc. However, the “core” of the focus of the software is accounting.

Businesses aren’t focused on accounting for their primary activity. Accounting is a key function of the business, but it does just that, it accounts for business activities from a financial perspective.

The core for Wine & Spirits distributors is selling product into their market, and developing their relationships with their supplier partners in the process. Distributors need to have a platform that focuses on this core part of their business, not on accounting with the core as an after thought.

Visual World compared to “Consumer Goods ERP”

Generalized Wine & Spirits products are unique and not like any other. The 3-tier system, combined with the different regulations from state to state and county to county, creates significant complexity that can be very difficult to address from a software perspective.

Although Consumer Goods ERP systems are a step better than an Accounting Package, they are generalized systems that are not designed for the nuances found in Wine & Spirits distribution on a very deep level.

Software as a Strategic Weapon

This makes software decisions strategic and no longer tactical. Management of customer relationships, product delivery, vendor relationships and inventory management, and marketing have taken on a new level of sophistication that creates enormous demands on the technology that powers business.

As the business landscape continues to change, business leaders are forced to be able to change with dynamics of their market. The rate of change has increased, and if the technology base underneath the business is not sophisticated enough to change and to meet the rising demands, the business will face enormous operational risk, and in the very worst scenario, will be forced to cease operations.

Visual World has a 15+ year track record demonstrating our performance in meeting these demands.