End to End Container Management


Extensive yard management functionality tracks containers from beginning to end

  • Calendar objects track container-specific dates: estimated ship date, ETA port, ready at terminal, ETA yard
  • Trays attract individual containers as they pass through the business process: shipped, in port, expected in yard, yard in, door priority set, at door, unloaded, yard out, vendor notified for pickup.
  • Each purchase order in a container inherits the tracking dates of the container
  • Automatic email to vendor when container is unloaded and ready for pickup
  • Container template display all of the purchase order in the container and all of the products on those purchase orders.
  • Specific third party costs attached to each container and purchase orders can be updated to reflect those actual costs
  • Every receiver made against that container is permanently linked with the container record.

The Container Management Workspace:


The Shipment Details tab of the Container Shipment Card:


The Purchase Orders tab of the Container Shipment Card:


The Products tab of the Container Shipment Card:


The Third Party Costs tab of the Container Shipment Card:


The Container Receiving tab of the Container Shipment Card: