Capture ALL of your Chargebacks


Chargebacks are completely integrated into all aspects of the Visual World system. The process involves very little effort on the part of staff.

  • Samples support at multiple discount levels
  • Depletion Allowances support
  • Promotions/Deals support by Product
  • Promotions/Deals support by Customer
  • Free Goods support
  • Merchandising support
  • Unsaleables support
  • Can be processed through A/P or A/R
  • What typically takes 3-4 days to process manually at the end of the month for a mid-sized company only takes 2 hours in Visual World

Chargebacks Standard Desk


The Chargebacks Standard Desk contains all of the Visual World objects used to support the billback/chargeback process. Trays and calendars track the progress of chargeback forms from start to completion; multiple workspaces contain the objects with a specific chargeback focus.

Example of Depletions Chargeback form. This set of records was compiled and calculated automatically by Visual World at the click of a button.


Example of Samples Chargeback form
Any of the Chargeback invoices can be viewed on-screen with the View/Print Invoice button.