Visual World is an active, real-time global/enterprise platform constructed with NoSQL database using a Common Object Model (COM) implemented with JSON that can be extended and scaled with no limits.

All aspects of a modern enterprise can be easily implemented on the platform with a single page WYSIWYG GUI front-end.

Application extensions and schema changes may be implemented in real time.

Our library of over 10,000 business objects is ever-extending allowing for rapid development and implementations.

Application Objects are connected through explicit and implicit links to form a seamless application environment that can be infinitely extended across all enterprise applications.


We decompose an enterprise around its core value delivery then utilize our “Well Formed Business Process” methodology to assemble “asset and work” component objects that support the creation of the deliverable. This results in an integrated set of business objects (in NoSQL JSON) that execute behaviors and manage transactions.

Apps developed (some listed)

Visual World has been delivering enterprise class platform for over 10 years and is in use by mid-sized businesses operating up to $100m in annual sales. Applications built include:

  • Wholesale distribution
  • Law firm case management
  • Event management
  • Healthcare third-party administration
  • Manufacturing (process and discrete)
  • Full accounting A/R, A/P, GL
  • T-Account Journaling engine

Enterprise to Global Platform

With cloud-based platforms and a scalable NoSQL database, Visual World is now expanding the platform to include web resources linked as COM (common object model) to support enterprise platforms in a whole new way.